What do you need to prepare a car for spraying?

Spraying a car may sound very easy, unfortunately this is disappointing in reality. The spraying itself is already a profession in its own right, but the spraying is not even the most difficult, for when you want to put the car neatly in the paint. The preparation for spraying takes much more time, especially if you are spraying a classic car, and is perhaps even more important than the spraying itself.

Every imperfection in the preparation is reflected in the final painting. That is why in this post we are going to talk about three steps to prepare for spraying.

What do you need to prepare a car for spraying?

Sanding the car

To start with, the entire car must first be sanded, it is important that you use a good sander. Sanding must be done as tightly as possible, because the tighter the car is sanded, the tighter you can spray the car in the paint. For example, you can choose a Rupes sander or a Mirka sander, both of these are high quality sanders. Sanding the car takes place in several steps, because you go from a coarse grit sandpaper to an increasingly finer sandpaper.

What do you need to prepare a car for spraying?

The reason you need to take small steps in the fineness of the sandpaper grit is to get the smoothest and cleanest sanded surface possible.

Filling the car

Sanding the car will only help remove the old paint and smooth the panel, so any dents left in the car will still be there after sanding. To be able to remove these dents, they must be filled, you can first try to undent these dents as far as possible.

What do you need to prepare a car for spraying?

After dent removal, you can remove the last imperfections by filling them, but make sure you don’t use more filler than necessary. After filling, the filled parts must be sanded again to make the car smooth again.

Degreasing the car

After the car has been sanded, primed and sanded again, the car must be cleaned. First, all dust must be blown off and off the car and removed, because you don’t want to have dust on the car when you start spraying.

What do you need to prepare a car for spraying?

You will always see dust in the paint after spraying. If the car is dust-free, you should also thoroughly degrease the car, if the car is not properly degreased, the paint cannot adhere equally well to the car everywhere. In that case you will get all bald spots in the spraying.

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