The history of Automobiles with Affordable Cars

The history of the automobile is one that dates all the way back to 1886. Comparing them to our current modern-day cars, they certainly would have looked a lot different. Affordable Cars has put together an insightful infographic on the history of automobiles and just how far they’ve come in the past one hundred and thirty-four years.

It’s incredible to think that only in 1967 were the first seatbelts introduced. To think many drivers and passengers were going around in their cars without them is mind-blowing.

The history of Automobiles with Affordable Cars

It’s odd to think that much of what we have in terms of technology in our cars is something that has only appeared in the last fifty years. A lot of the mod-cons have only been in the last decade or so, yet it feels like we’ve had them forever. Just like many of our technology devices, mobile phones only got connected to our cars recently, yet so many of us rely on these mobile devices on a daily basis.

The history of Automobiles with Affordable Cars

Did you know that the first airbag to be introduced into a car was 1988? The infographic is a surprising look at just how far we’ve come in both the appearance, safety, and features of the automobiles that we now drive today.

The history of Automobiles with Affordable Cars

It’s worth learning more about classic cars and how engineering in the automobile industry has truly advanced beyond anything those back then could have imagined being. Just like the infographic states for 2020, who knows what might happen in the future? Will we get our first self-driving car?

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