The Best Budget Cars for First-Time Buyers

If you’re in the market for your first car but only have a limited budget, you might think your choice is limited. Fortunately, there is a wide range of vehicles out there that are within reach of first-time buyers. However, before you start your search for a vehicle, there are a few factors that may influence which car you ultimately choose.

Questions to ask before you buy

The first thing to decide is how you are going to finance the car. Your choices are to pay cash upfront or to enter a finance arrangement. If you go the finance route, you will make monthly payments on the vehicle over several years, so you will need to think about how much you can regularly afford. You can bring down your monthly payments by paying a higher initial deposit.

The Best Budget Cars for First-Time Buyers

Additional ongoing costs include the rate of road tax you will pay. The tax banding changed for vehicles registered after 1 April 2017. However, some low-emissions cars registered between March 2001 and 31 March 2017 are charged between £0 and £30 a year, which is considerably lower than the standard rate.

Further considerations include how you will use the car (i.e. for city or long-distance driving), and the cost of insurance, as some makes and models incur a premium. This is on top of the higher premium already paid by new drivers.

The Best Budget Cars for First-Time Buyers

A final factor is safety. While reputable used vehicles will be roadworthy and should have a full service history available, it’s always worth checking the European New Car Assessment Programme safety rating for the make and model of your chosen car.

Popular cars for first-time buyers on a budget

Taking all these factors into account, here are just a few of the vehicles that are popular among first-time buyers.

  1. Fiat 500: If you’re interested in buying an electric vehicle, this is a good budget option, offering style, customisation and reliability. Petrol versions are also available. You can buy a new one from £13,674.
  2. KIA Picanto: This popular city car is reliable and fuel efficient, with low emissions. Pre-2017 registered versions pay zero road tax. You can buy a new one from £11,380.
  3. Skoda Fabia: This is a great choice if you want a larger car which is cost effective to buy and run and practical to drive. You can buy a new one from £16,945.
  4. Vauxhall Corsa: A perennial favourite among UK car buyers due to its low running costs and reliability. There are lots of versions out there, including the electric Corsa-e. You can buy a new one from £16,495.
  5. Volkswagen up!: As well as being enjoyable to drive, this popular city car is notable for its safety features, quality and low cost. An electric version is available. You can buy a new one from £13,190.

While the list includes the new price for these cars (as of October 2022), of course, there are always good deals around on used models, and you can find out more here.

The Best Budget Cars for First-Time Buyers

Overall, the best advice is to do your research and to keep an open mind. It might take a little time but it is possible to find a first car that’s safe, reliable and affordable, whatever your budget.

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