Take to the Road Product Reviews: Turtle Wax Series with Halfords Part 2

In Part 2 of our Turtle Wax product review series with Halfords UK, we take a look at the Turtle Wax Cockpit Shine interior spray and air freshener. We see how the new detailing spray performs on our Bertone x1/9s interior plastic trim and whether the sprays “New Car” scent suits a modern classic like our x1/9.

Just to note this product isn’t really suited to classic cars. Yes of course their are times when the interior of an old cars gets a little bit smelly. But most of the time we classic car enthusiasts want to retain that lovely odour that you can only get in an old car. It takes decades of aging and with cars with old leather seats, the smell is just amazing.

So you are unlikely to use a product like this say in an original Aston Martin DB4 with its factory leather interior still intact. It just doesn’t work and isn’t in keeping with the character of the car.

But with the more extensive use of plastics in modern classics, Turtle Wax Cockpit Shine would be more suited to the job. A quick spray of this will keep your dashboard and instruments clean and fresh looking. Which will protect them from the ravages of the sun on those hot summer days. And a nice fragrance is a welcome bonus too!

Make sure you also check out Part 1 of our product review series where we test some Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner on our Bertone x1/9 Gran Finale’s alloy wheels.

For more info on the products we are reviewing head on over to Halfords.com/Motoring.

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