Morgan reveals early sketches of the new Three Wheeler

The Morgan Motor Company has revealed early design sketches of its new three-wheeled model, which is due to be launched in 2022. The never seen before design sketches have been taken from the drawing boards of Morgan’s design team, with the illustrations giving the public a first look at the aesthetic intent of the new model, as well as the inspirations that underpin it.

The release of the design sketches follows the unveiling of a prototype 3 Wheeler in September, which was undergoing durability testing for the new model.

No single sketch in isolation reveals the exact look of the new model, yet in culmination they demonstrate some of the key design features that will be revealed in full when the new three-wheeled model is launched in 2022. Sketches show a technical front end trailed by a fluid form, the vehicle ‘visually towed’ by its leading front wheels.

Morgan reveals early sketches of the new Three Wheeler

The visual mass resides behind the centre line of the front wheels and never on top of them, a theme that has remained prevalent from the earliest sketches. Further design tenets include the celebration of mechanical honestly and the communication of function through design, hallmarks of previous Morgan three wheelers.

As demonstrated in the sketches, the design of the new model is bold and eccentric, taking inspiration from mid-century jet planes, motorcycles, historic Morgan models and modern industrial product design — images of which adorn the walls of Morgan’s design and engineering offices.

Complementing this personality will be an extensive list of specification items and accessories available from the outset, making it Morgan’s most configurable vehicle ever. The model can be tailored to assume multiple identities and cater for every adventure.

Morgan reveals early sketches of the new Three Wheeler
The prototype 3 Wheeler undergoing testing in September. It is expected that the final design will look different to the prototype test vehicle.

Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company, said: “Morgan was founded on the production of three-wheeled cars, and when the 3 Wheeler was re-introduced in 2011 it became a firm pillar of the company’s product range. We recognise the importance of evolving this bloodline and continuing to provide our growing community of enthusiasts with new, exciting, and unforgettable motoring experiences. Creating the all-new three-wheeled model has been a ground-up project, throughout which safety, durability, and character have been at the forefront of our focus. It has been an absolute joy seeing the new vehicle take shape, and we cannot wait to present it to the world next year, continuing the legacy of the model.

Morgan reveals early sketches of the new Three Wheeler
The P101 Limited Edition which will bring production of the current generation to an end as 2021 draws to a close. The new 3 Wheeler model will replace it in 2022.

Jonathan Wells, Head of Design, Morgan Motor Company, said: “Morgan cars are often described as ‘analogue’, despite exhibiting industry standard technologies. We believe that in a world of technology, making art of a car’s mechanical elements serves as an antidote to typical vehicle design. Throughout design studies it became quickly apparent that the vehicle must celebrate the model’s mechanical honesty. The sketches demonstrate how these will form a focal point of the new vehicle. The ground-up design is simultaneously a reflection of Morgan’s rich past, relevant to the present, and provides a firm vision of Morgan’s design future.”

Morgan reveals early sketches of the new Three Wheeler

The illustrations shown today follow the previous information released in September, confirming the car’s all-new design, defined by significant engineering enhancements and a spirit of adventure. The model will be powered by an internal combustion engine at launch, specifically an inline three-cylinder naturally aspirated engine from Ford, continuing Morgan’s relationship with Ford which began in 1933.

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