Mondrian Fiat 126 – cheeky just got colourful

Our friends over at The Demented Monkeys have made a cool short film about a Mondrian Fiat 126 tribute car. For those who don’t know about Piet Mondrian, he was a famous Dutch artist who was a pioneer of abstract art. He was responsible for the style Neo-Plasticism which involved using 3 primary colours and a grid of black vertical and horizontal lines. He created very colourful patchwork designs which were minimalist in their approach and his works are prized by lovers of minimalist art.

So what has Mondrian got to do with a Fiat 126? When you think about it, it makes perfect sense to apply Mondrian’s minimalist style to a Fiat 126. Like the 500 and the 850 that went before it, the 126 championed the Italian marques minimalist design philosophy.

They were basic, functional, utilitarian vehicles with a small footprint but a big soul. I mean what else can you do to a cheeky little car that oozes quirkiness, has bags of charm and a boot load of character? Give it a Mondrian paint job of course. It’s cool, it’s retro and I’m sure he would have approved. It sure is a head turner and has a lot more character than a VW Polo Mk3 Harlequin.

Check out Fred Longsword who owns and drives the car in the video sing a tribute song to Take to the Road


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