Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

Whether it be a classic car rally or a traditional sealed track race event, perhaps one of the least considered vehicles is the humble safety car.

While all eyes are naturally upon the main performers at any motorsport gathering, the safety vehicle plays a vital and intrinsic role. In many cases, the track safety vehicle is in itself a stylish performer in its own right.

Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

For those maintaining, modifying or equipping safety cars, here is a guide to some of the available aftermarket product to neatly accessorize the beast.

Emergency lighting

Regardless of vehicle style and body type, emergency or hazard lighting is the primary consideration for the safety vehicle.

Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

Light bar equipment and flashing beacon lighting are vital functional pieces of kit, but they can also be stylish and highly cosmetic at the same time.

A wide range of styles and mounting options are available for aftermarket emergency lighting, and current LED options allow for a customized set up to be installed to the front, rear and sides of the vehicle as well as roof mounting.

Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

Modern LED lighting is typically of streamlined, lightweight modular construction and mounting hardware will permit a relatively painless installation process, irrespective of vehicle size or type.

With superior illumination and lighting spread pattern, these lights provide for superior visibility and low power drain comparative to their older filament and halogen counterparts.

Siren and PA equipment

Emergency siren equipment is similarly readily available in the aftermarket, and can be easily fitted up and hardwired to the vehicle electrical system by a person with average mechanical and electrical skills. Options will typically include both 12V and 24V options and can match with an amplifier unit which permits a range of selectable siren tones.

Many units come with a public address (PA) function to permit a PA option via an in-car microphone with push to talk (PTT) switch.

Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

These units are typically hardwired permanently with siren speakers either mounted in the vehicle engine bay, roof or body mounted.

Topped with a portable reflector kit which can be deployed externally on the track as necessary, the emergency lighting and audible warning system can be customized neatly to suit any vehicle, or intended operating environment.

Decals and high-visibility skins

The track safety car will typically need to maintain a high visibility profile in all operating conditions.

Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

Once again, a broad range of high visibility or high reflectivity decals and skins (wraps) are available on the accessory market. Customization of decals and skins is easily achievable to suit the subject vehicle.

Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

It is possible to achieve both functionality coupled with a highly stylized cosmetic look, which can neatly complement the setting which the vehicle is employed in.

Don’t forget to include some small traffic cones as well, as these are always a must have at a track event.


As a functional utility vehicle, the humble safety car performs a vital function at track meets, rallies and touring events. But functional doesn’t have to mean pedestrian or dowdy, and with a little forethought and planning, the safety vehicle can be customized to be a star performer in its own right.

Modifying and equipping track safety vehicles

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