Looking for a Portable Generator that can handle your Large Vehicle? Check out the MXR 3500!

If you are travelling on a longer off-road journey or are an enthusiastic camper, a portable generator can help you a lot. If you are in quest of a lightweight and portable generator, the best one is MXR 3500. This article will shed light on the broad contours of MXR 3500 and why it is suitable for you to purchase.

Looking for a Portable Generator That Can Handle Your Large Vehicle? Check Out the MXR 3500!

The biggest feature of this generator is its portability. The generator is designed and manufactured because it remains lighter in weight. Therefore, you can easily transport this generator to any place you want with great ease and convenience.

Lesser Weight

What makes this generator ultra-portable is its extremely less weight. The generator has a weight of 47 pounds which is quite suitable to take on any journey if you are going on an emergency trip or a holiday excursion.

The unit also comes in a smaller size which ensures compactness. Thus, it makes it easier to take the generator with you in your vehicle without any worries.

Looking for a Portable Generator that can handle your Large Vehicle? Check out the MXR 3500!

Exceptional Efficiency

Apart from the lightweight and ultra-portability, the generator also efficiently consumes fuel. The design engineers revolutionised the RPMs and conventional speeds. For instance, the generator now delivers 4850 RPMs instead of 3600 RPMs.

Therefore, the generator is capable of delivering a greater extent of power with economical fuel consumption and ease of mobility as well. We can say with full confidence that this generator should be your prime choice as it delivers 2x more power than other portable generators of this class.

Looking for a Portable Generator that can handle your Large Vehicle? Check out the MXR 3500!

Power Delivery

This amazing portable generator can give you a peak power of 3500 watts. Thus, you can easily perform any heavier tasks without overloading issues. Similarly, the generator is also capable of delivering amazing running power as well. Its exceptional power delivery feature is a top-notch characteristic to buy.

Running Time

The overall running time is also a decisive factor in purchasing a generator. MXR 3500 is capable of delivering a fantastic run time. If you operate the generator at half-load capacity, it can run continuously for 4.5 hours.

However, the generator gives a run time of almost 8.3 hours when you put a quarter of the load than its rated capacity. Therefore, this portable generator gives an ideal run time as well.

Looking for a Portable Generator that can handle your Large Vehicle? Check out the MXR 3500!

Noise Levels

The overwhelming noise emitted by generators is a big issue for many people. That is why most people hesitate to use the generator in proximity. The noise cancellation feature is not available in this generator as well.

Nevertheless, the MXR 3500 comes with minimal noise compared with its competitors, which is only 52dd. This noise level is proportionate to the humans’ conversations in a room.

ECO Mode

Fuel consumption is always a major debunk in the use of generators. But in the case of this great portable generator MXR 3500, many consumers have indicated a positive aspect regarding fuel consumption.

The presence of eco-mode in the generator rules out any extra consumptions of fuel. This highly useful mode helps the motor to run and function according to the requirement, thus ensuring that a minimum amount of fuel is consumed by it. This feature enables consumers to save a greater portion of their money.

Looking for a Portable Generator that can handle your Large Vehicle? Check out the MXR 3500!

Some Other Distinctive Features

The list of characteristics is not ended yet, and the MXR 3500 generator possesses some advanced and distinctive features. These modern and newer technological instincts are very helpful for their users.

The first and foremost feature is the presence of overload in the generator. If the generator overloads, the power disconnection occurs with a simple tripping function. However, after normalising the load, we can easily reset it with the help of a well-protected and built-in feature.

Similarly, there are also times when we need extra power. The generator can be connected in parallel so that we can draw more power as per our requirement from it. Another great feature is based on the protection of the generator; we do not want to ruin our generator by running it without fuel.

Most generators’ efficiency greatly decreases if the generator operates without fuel. But do not worry; this amazing product has a protective feature that senses the amount of oil in the tank and indicates an alarm using LED lights. Thus, you can safely use the generator without worrying about the empty operation for hours.

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