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Things have been ramping up at Take to the Roads Garage in the past few weeks and here is an update on how I am progressing on my project Alfa Romeo Spider S3.

Take to the Roads Garage – Episode 3 – How to Install A Starter Motor in an Alfa Romeo Spider S3

There are a lot of maintenance jobs that need doing on my Alfa Romeo Spider and the first major piece of work was to replace the starter motor. Replacing the starter meant getting stuck in at deep end and required the removal of the Dellorto carbs and the Colombo Air Filter box. It was a fiddly job at times but I took my time and made note of all the positions of everything. This was actually my first time to ever removes a set of carbs from a car so I was a little nervous. We all know that once twin carbs are out of sync they can be a pain to get right again. Tuning a carb is a skill and the last thing I wanted to end up doing was fiddling with all the different screws.

Thankfully I managed to avoid all that and the removal of the starter and the installation of the new one was a success. See how I got on in my video installation guide:

Take to the Roads Garage – Episode 4 – Cleaning a Colombo Tecni Filter with the K&N Recharger Kit

In Episode 4 I took a closer look at the Colombo Tecni Filter installed in my Alfa Spider. This airbox replaces the standard big cylinder air box and was put in by a previous owner. Colombo filters are a rare sight in the UK and I have never seen one before in an Alfa. So in this episode I took min Tecni Filter apart to see how grubby it was. And then I gave it a good clean courtesy of the K&N Recharger filter cleaning kit.

This was something that needed doing badly on my Alfa as the filter had a lot of dirt stuck in the gauze at the bottom. I doubt this filter had been cleaned properly in years. So I was keen to get it sorted out asap. And K&Ns kit did a good job. To see how I got on and to see how dirty my filter was, watch my video:

Thanks to K&N!

I just want to say a big thank you to K&N for sending me their kit to review. Delivery was super quick and I was pleased with how their product worked. It will come in very handy when I clean the K&N filter that I have on my Bertone x1/9 (which will be on the filming list soon).

If you want to order this kit for your car you can do so here and help me and my website at the same time. Buying through the link below will help with the running costs of Take to the Road.

What’s next for Take to the Roads Garage?

One of the next jobs I want to tackle are the wipers as they a running very very slow at the moment. Thankfully the weather has been ok lately and I haven’t had the car out in the rain. But the wiper speed really is poor. So I am going to make a guide on how to speed up wipers on an Alfa Spider. Also coming soon will be a video on my trip to Alfa parts specialist Classic Alfa. So I have lots to keep me busy!

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Take to the Road Alfa Romeo Spider S3 for sale

Take to the Road’s 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider S3 is for sale

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