Innovative features of modern electric cars that make driving a safer experience

As electric cars begin to dominate the motor world, it is important to assess whether they are as safe as petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, if not safer. Regardless of the features of these vehicles, it is still the concern of the driver to ensure their driving is responsible and meets the regulation of the area in which they are driving in. Here we will discuss some of the most recent technological advancements installed in electric vehicles that have the ability to improve safety on the road.

Cruise control with intelligent speed limiter

Cruise control allows drivers to set a maximum speed limit of their choice to guarantee the vehicle does not surpass the specified rate. This is particularly useful during long journeys on the motorway, allowing drivers to rest their foot rather than having to keep it pressed on the pedal for extended durations. This is also a useful feature on high end electric mountain bikes!

Innovative features of modern electric cars that make driving a safer experience

This is also beneficial for avoiding driving penalties for speeding and average speed checks, where it may be difficult to sit at lower speeds for miles. Newer vehicles like the Vauxhall Corsa Electric can also recognise traffic signs on the road, such as those displaying speed limits and restrictions, which notifies the driver that they need to adjust their speed or be aware of a nearby constraint. Moreover, the lasers at the front of the vehicle are able to identify the speed of any vehicles ahead and adjust speed accordingly to maintain a safe distance.

Automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection

If a vehicle is equipped with automatic emergency braking, the car will brake on its own should the driver fail to react to a potential collision in time. This does not fully apply the brakes so the driver will need to still brake as well to avoid the danger ahead of them. Studies have shown that this feature has prevented around 38% of rear-end crashes, meaning fewer drivers are left with minor injuries like whiplash.

Innovative features of modern electric cars that make driving a safer experience

An additional feature, pedestrian detection, is able to detect other potential collisions like pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and apply the brakes so as to avoid colliding with them or lessen the severity of the impact. Of course, that doesn’t mean that people like this personal injury attorney here won’t be needed at all, just hopefully slightly less frequently for road accidents.

Lane departure warning

Lane departure warning and lane-keeping assist are driving aids that help the driver to remain within the correct lane and drive in a straight line. This is particularly beneficial when driving along narrow roads or enduring long journeys where concentration may become an issue. If the vehicle begins to drift over the lane markers, the driver will be met with a warning message or beeping to indicate that they are leaving the lane and must correct themselves.

Innovative features of modern electric cars that make driving a safer experience

Lane-keeping assist takes this a step further, with the vehicle using the brakes to gently nudge the car in the right direction or using the steering system.

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