Happy 6th Birthday to Take to the Road

Today marks Take to the Road’s 6th Birthday! It all started on the 22nd January, a whole six years ago and time sure has flown by.

Last year I had grand plans to mark the 5th Birthday with a series of special features, but then the pandemic struck. And since then the world has been turned on its head. As a result our favourite classic cars have been confined to quarters for quite some time, as we await the lifting of lockdowns.

There was a glimmer of hope last September when a flurry of car shows and concours events managed to go ahead, which returned a small sense of normality to the classic car scene. The rise in cases over the Christmas period however has certainly postponed the restart of car events for the first half of this year at the very least. However as the vaccination programme expands and more of the population become protected, the greater the chance we have of being able to get out and about and enjoy our motors. Perhaps September will bring another flurry of activity once again.

So the plan for Take to the Road for 2021 is to continue to bring you all the best classic car news and features. It is not going to be easy with all of the current restrictions on movement and the planned 5th Birthday celebration special features will continue to put on hold for the time being. Hopefully they will make an appearance later in the year.

So as Take to the Road adds another candle to the Birthday Cake, I would like to thank all my readers for their continued support. Stay safe and keep those classics ready for the great escape!

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