Happy 5th Birthday to Take to the Road

That’s right Take to the Road is celebrating it’s 5th Birthday today! Hurrah! The site was launched on the 22nd of January 2015 and time sure has flown by since those very early days. In that time a lot of amazing classic cars have been featured and talked about, lot’s of interesting owners and TV celebrities interviewed and lot’s of classic car shows attended. Plus quite a few car’s have come and gone through the Take to the Road Garage. Here’s to another 5 years of publishing and lots more old car banter!

So to mark the anniversary year Take to the Road will be composing a series of special articles, revisiting the owners of classic cars featured on the YouTube Channel to see what they and their cars have been upto. Stay tuned for these special feature articles coming later in the year…

Now time for some celebratory cake…

Happy 5th Birthday to Take to the Road
There’s like the happy face of a wee Sprite to mark good news!

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