Feature Film: Take to the Road London to Brighton Classic Car Run 2015

On Sunday 31st May Take to the Road took part in the 27th London to Brighton Classic Car Run. The event is run by GE Classic Motor Events and they’ve been hosting the London to Brighton run since 1988. The event takes inspiration from the long running London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. However this event is strictly for vintage and veteran cars of a certain age. Which means younger classics can’t take part.

The 27th run was a fun day, despite the rather horrible weather. We’ve also written an in depth review about it which you can read here.

We have also made a short film while we were on the run. This was our first time ever taking part in a classic car run. So we wanted to capture what it was like to take part and have something to look back on.

So to start with here is our London to Brighton Classic Car Run Part 1. Sit back and watch the video above to see how we got on with our Bertone x1/9 Gran Finale. Is it a good classic car for a classic car run? We’ll you’ll need to watch the film to find out!

And once you’ve finsihed with Part 1 why not continue with our adventure by watching the final leg of the journey to Brighton. Did the x1/9 make it to the finish line without incident? Hmm not really… Watch Part 2 to find out what niggle it decided to develop. You gotta love Italian cars!!!

Watch Part 2 of the London to Brighton Classic Car Run 2015 here.


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