Everyone Should Own A Classic Car And Here’s Why

Classic cars are fantastic! Many modern car owners find it amusing and a bit strange that classic car enthusiasts love their old cars so much. So why buy an old car when you can have a brand new one that’s bristling full of the latest technology and modern driver comforts?

The truth is, there are a pletheroa of reasons you should purchase an old classic car. In fact, there are almost too many of them to list in short post like this! But, I’ll do my best to cover as many as possible so you can see the real benefits of getting your hands on a beautiful classic car.

They’re Actually Very Valuable

When you buy a modern car, it immediately depreciates in value. This makes it nigh on impossible to make a profit out of any new car if you try to sell it on. You’d have to try and make a series of modifications just to boost the value, and in doing so you’ll likely spend too much to actually make a profit.

Everyone Should Own A Classic Car And Here's Why
Rare classics like this Lamborghini Urraco have seen values rise over the years

On the other hand, classic cars are quite the opposite. Many will grow in value and that is because they are rare. There are loads of great classic cars out there that aren’t being manufactured anymore. Some are limited editions or special models. And they can be worth a lot of money. So if you buy carefully, a classic car can make you money further on down the road.

Classic Cars are unique

Classic cars are way more unique and original than modern cars. These days, it seems like every manufacturer releases a car that’s almost identical to other models on the market. When you have a modern car, it’s much harder to own something unique.

Everyone Should Own A Classic Car And Here's Why
Modern classic cars like the Toyota MR2 Mk1 are more affordable. And they are fun to drive too!

Classic cars on the other hand involve stunning designs from a by gone era, which really make them stand out from the crowd.

Everyone Should Own A Classic Car And Here's Why
Putting a personal plate on your classic can add value

One way modern car owners can make their car stand out is by getting a personal number plate. But, even with a classic car, you can buy personal number plates here that might help fit the classic car’s identity and add even more character! If you do this though it is a good idea to retain the original numberplate as it keeps the history of and value of your classic car intact.

They’re Fun Projects

Most people buy classic/old cars because they’re looking for something to do in their spare time. Classic cars are super fun projects you can spend a lot of time on. No doubt there are plenty of things to fix and alter before your car becomes properly roadworthy again. There’s something delightful about taking an old, beaten, car and returning it to its former glory.

They’re Great To Drive

If you’ve never driven a classic car before, then boy are you in for a treat. The driving experience you get is unlike anything you find in a modern day car. These days, technology does a lot of the work for us behind the wheel. In a classic car, you are in full control. This makes them so different and fun to drive, particularly if you go to a local track day and take your classic car for a proper spin.

Everyone Should Own A Classic Car And Here's Why
Owning a classic car is a great way to meet other owners who share the same passion

So classic cars aren’t boring just because they are old and aren’t packed full of latest technology. They are a fun hobby that be a wise investment as well.

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  1. Michael 2nd June 2018 at 2:27 am

    Gotta agree with you 100%! Less complicated, hold or gain value, more fun to drive, and more in-tune with your personality. Classics are the way to go.

  2. Niall Julian 2nd June 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Glad you agree Michael! Classic cars all the way!

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