eBay Find: Rare 1963 Jensen C-V8 for restoration

Update 27-02-2015:

The C-V8 has been relisted after failing to meet it’s reserve. It is now a classifieds listing with an asking price of £15,000 which is open to offers. Link to new listing.

Update 05-02-2015:

The C-V8 is now being auctioned with the current bid at £8,850. The reserve hasn’t been met but the listing states the seller has lowered the reserve. Link to new listing.

This 1963 Jensen C-V8 is described as a barn find that’s been off the road since 1973. It comes with it’s original buff log book and V5 registration document. A quick check with the DVLA does confirm the cars registration..

From looking at the photos it appears to be mostly intact with all the brightwork seemingly there as is all the glass, with the exception of one missing front indicator bulb. The paint is badly flaking in places which means a length strip down of the fibreglass body will be required. If the doors are the original aluminium they shouldn’t take quite as long to prepare. But there are still many many hours of hand sanding ahead for this project. The listing doesn’t state the mileage on the Chrysler supplied 5.9ltr V8 lump or whether it is running or seized and there is no mention of the condition of the automatic transmission. A detailed inspection would be needed as well to check on the condition of the tubular steel chassis.

Inside the interior doesn’t look too bad but will obviously require restoration. There’s wear to the steering wheel and a split in the drivers seat but these are repairable. It’s hard to tell but it does look like the passengers seat cushion is missing. All the dials, switches and radio appear to be intact and the wooden dash seems to be in good condition and should polish up nicely.

On the passengers side there appears to be an aftermarket radio/speaker installed which might explain the speakers on the rear parcel shelf. Tucked down beside the 1973 tax disc in the window is an interesting “Embassy Voucher” which mentions “HM Government”. This might hint at a previous owners connections. Another nice surviving touch is the the dealer plate from “Charles Follett” in the driver door sill. A check with the Jensen archives held by Martin Robey Ltd might also reveal more details about the cars manufacture and delivery details to the former Follett dealership.

We really like the C-V8 and love the unusual styling combined with the big American V8. The styling might not be to everyones taste. But you are guaranteed rarity, with speed, good handling, a V8 soundtrack and actual usable back seats. It’s the perfect GT package! If the funds allowed we’d love to restore this rare beast.

You can find here on eBay with a Buy it Now price of £19,995 which is open to offers.

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