Classifieds Find: 1975 Fiat 124 Coupe

The Fiat 124 is one of the most long lived car models of all time. Starting out its life as a four door saloon in 1966, the basic design would live on to form the core of the Lada range. Production of the 124 was also licensed in Turkey, India, Spain and Korea making it one of the most produced models ever. Because of the Lada association, it is easy to forget the other Fiat model in the 124 lineup, the Fiat 124 Coupe. Design by Mario Boano (of Ferrari 250 GT Boano fame), he used the basic 124 sedan platform to create a three box, notch back coupe.

Twin cam engines were all employed starting with 1438cc which produced 89BHP, growing to 1756cc which produced 116BHP. With twin Weber carbs and a big bore and short stroke, the Aurelio Lampredi twin cam was able to rev to a high rpm level making for a very spirited drive. Power was sent to the rear wheels via a four or five speed transmission with disc brakes all round completing a very capable driving package. Despite almost 280,000 being built between 1966 and 1975, most have rusted away due to poor rust proofing at the factory. Those that survive have either been restored or have never seen rain or a wet road.

The Fiat 124 Coupe on offer is a 1975 model which could make it one of the last batch built for the UK market. Described as being a barn find needing recommissioning, it is said to be in very original condition. Some welding has been carried out in the past in the boot and the wheel arches but the seller states that it is very solid and no other welding has been done.

It has the twin cam 1800 engine (1756cc) with twin 40 Weber carbs and an Abarth ignition. The seller notes that the car is driving with the gears, brakes and clutch in working order but advises replacing the cam belt after so long in storage. 66,000 miles are on the clock but unfortunately there is no history to back this up.

We have to say that this Fiat 124 Coupe looks an inviting project. We really like the lines used by Boano when he designed the coupe. The slender pillars and twin headlamps give it a real light and sporty look. Whilst the photos aren’t high quality, the body appears to be straight and it looks to be wearing its original alloys. Interestingly it has a Webasto sunroof fitted which may well be an after market job.

Inside the interior looks to be all there with the exception of the radio. The drivers seat has wear on the bolster but apart from that they look to be in very good condition. The engine bay will need a good clean and we’d replace all cooling pipes and give the engine a good service before driving it anywhere. And no doubt those twin Webers will need rebuilding after sitting for god knows how long.

We’d love to buy this rare Fiat 124 Coupe, pray that it hasn’t got any serious rust, give it a good service, and then drive it as is. If it proves to be relatively rust free, it would make for a great GT car.

This Fiat 124 Coupe is located in Devon and the asking price is £4,495.

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