Car Subscription Explained

When you need a new car, it’s not always possible to buy outright or sensible to get into debt with a higher purchase, so for the last few decades, individuals have turned to leasing. As the automotive industry changes and the needs of drivers are now more diverse than ever, even leasing has its pitfalls. This is where car subscription has entered the market, offering a simpler way to gain access to cars on a contractual basis, albeit more affordably and with more perks and flexibility to meet a host of requirements.

A closer look at car subscription

A car subscription service allows drivers to rent the car of their choice for as little as a month at a time, with customisable packages that include insurance, tax, breakdown cover and even maintenance. With all-inclusive car subscription, drivers no longer have to worry about making a number of payments to stay on the road, as everything is taken care of in one go.

Car Subscription Explained

Designed with convenience in mind, those hoping to hire can simply create an account online with a provider, select a vehicle and complete the steps to create a subscription package. Most platforms will have live chat or a customer service team on hand to help if any issues arise. Once everything is set up, the car will typically be delivered within 48 hours and accounts can typically be managed via a mobile app or on desktop. There may be a one-off fee when signing up or a deposit (which can be a month in advance), but most operate on a no-deposit basis.

Why is car subscription a worthwhile choice?

For many, the convenience and flexibility on offer are the main attractions of car subscriptions. Drivers will have the ability to change cars as often as they like, take breaks from renting and more. Businesses can also benefit from car subscriptions if they offer company cars to employees, as many individuals have the ability to work from home and won’t always need to be driving to and from the office on a consistent basis.

Car Subscription Explained

Another factor worth considering is that many car subscription services offer more electric cars than the alternatives (like leasing), so drivers will have access to not only the latest technologies, but can also lower their emissions and even bypass some of the restrictions associated with diesel and petrol vehicles (such as the London congestion charge).

Additional information

It can be worthwhile to do your research before selecting a subscription service, as each provider will have varying terms and conditions, so one may meet your needs better than others. Most packages will come with a mileage limit (which will come with additional fees if it is exceeded).

Car Subscription Explained

Contracts can typically be made for 1-3 months and subscribers will have the option to keep the car they’re renting or switch to a new one, but there may be instances where a change of car may be required by the provider.

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