5 Reasons to try a Caravanning Holiday

Caravan holidays are one of the easiest ways to get out in the world and enjoy some time away from home. You can enjoy all the comforts of home wherever you go, and there is no transport or accommodation to arrange, it’s just you and the open road. Here are five reasons to take a caravan on your next holiday.


Taking a caravan on your next holiday is a much more cost-effective way to enjoy your getaway. You are taking your accommodation with you wherever you go, saving huge amounts of money on hotel stays or Airbnb charges.

5 Reasons to try a Caravanning Holiday

The running costs are cheap too, even accounting for fuel it is a much cheaper way to go on a holiday than paying for separate travel and accommodation. Even insurance is low cost. You can compare caravan insurance at CompareNI and save even more money on your holiday. This helps you get even more value from your caravan holiday


Caravans don’t tie you down. You can go wherever the mood takes you with a caravan. Many people book their holidays and travel to their destination but feel stuck when they get there. With a caravan, you can take your accommodation with you wherever you decide to go.

5 Reasons to try a Caravanning Holiday

This makes touring holidays possible, where you can explore a whole area at your leisure rather than just a small town or city. This helps you to get much more value from your time away than you would get from a break away in a hotel or bed and breakfast. Discovering new places off the beaten track is one of the highlights of a caravanning holiday.


Staying in a caravan is much more comfortable than staying in most hotels and B&Bs. The space is yours for a start, letting you create a little home from home. You can take little keepsakes from home and use them to decorate the space.

5 Reasons to try a Caravanning Holiday

The same is true of the bedding. You can equip a caravan with sheets, blankets, and pillows from home, making it more comfortable than most bed & breakfasts. Caravans are fully self-catering too. This not only helps you save a little extra money on your trip but it also gives you the opportunity to make your favourite meals and snacks, something you can’t do at a hotel.


Caravans have strong locks and security features similar to houses, so you can relax while on your holiday knowing that your possessions are safe. When you stay in a hotel your room will be entered by housekeeping staff, which people can find unnerving and has led to thefts.

5 Reasons to try a Caravanning Holiday

Staying in a caravan is much more secure than a hotel room. When you park up in dedicated caravan sites that offer extra layers of security like CCTV, and the watchful eyes of your caravanning neighbours, you are enjoying better security and safety than you would at any hotel or B&B.

5 Reasons to try a Caravanning Holiday

These reasons to try a caravan holiday are just the beginning. Many people go on a caravan holiday for the first time and are planning the next one before they get home, they are so much fun. Give one a try and you will be back for more.

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