Take to the Road Product Reviews: Turtle Wax Series with Halfords Part 1

Today we are launching the first ever Take to the Road Product Review video!

That’s right this is our first ever product review video and we’re really excited about it. We are hoping to bring you lots more product reviews and tests of over the next few months and we will be selecting products that we think are of interest to classic car owners. So stay tuned for more updates on these.

Our first review series is of a selection of Turtle Wax cleaning and detailing products, kindly supplied to us by Halfords. They have asked us to test and review them, which is what we have done. In the goodie box Halfords supplied us there was the following:

  • Turtle Wax Cockpit Shine
  • Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner
  • Turtle Wax Luxe Leather
  • Turtle Wax Black in a Flash

We’ve reviewed each of these in four videos and the first one we’ve tested is Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner. In this review we try it out on the alloy wheels of our 1990 Bertone x1/9 Gran Finale. To find out what we though of this new wheel cleaning spray watch our review video.

In Part 2 (which we will be releasing shortly) we will be testing Turtle Wax’s new Cockpit Shine so stay tuned for that one.

And for more info on the products we are reviewing head on over to Halfords.com/Motoring.

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